Our Awesome Tanning Bed Line-up... We offer 3 levels of tanning for your tanning pleasure! Here are a few of those beds: Medium Intensity Tanning... 32-34 Lamp Beds - offering optional high pressure 400 watt tanning facials.  Beds are 15-20 Minute Maximum. Great for beginners! Best to tan every other day in this bed for 2 to 3 weeks to build a great base tan! Results vary- some clients may need more or less.  

High Intensity Tanning... 52 to 56 Lamp Beds - offering up to 4 optional high pressure 400 watt facials. Our 8 minute stand up and 12 minute lay down....are both awesome for our advanced tanners.  Maintain your tan by using one of these beds once or twice a week!  High Pressure Tanning... 21 High Pressure Lamp Bed. 24 Minute Maximum. High Pressure Lamps filter out most of the UVB Rays - therefore, less chance of burning. Great for clients who need color NOW - or are fair and tend to burn. On average, 5 sessions will give you a nice glow!  Some of our featured products include:

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