Need Immediate Bronzing Gratification? Get Sprayed! Our Spray Tans deliver the most flawless results - NO ORANGE SKIN! We hand spray the solution on your body for the best coverage possible! Our special Organic Sunless Solution is the best on the market! The Aloe based, Organic product contains caffeine that magically hides imperfections such as stretch marks and cellulite. Want to look thinner? A Spray Tan will make you look skinnier in an instant!  Full body spray tans are just $39!  Or 3 for $99!

Need your Spray Tan a bit faster? Check out our Express Spray Tan - just 4 hour development time. Don't go over 4 hours though! Just 4 is all you need to get incredible results! Full body spray tan is just $55.

How Do Spray Tans Work? DHA (Di-hydroxyacitone) is the FDA approved ingredient in all Spray Tans. DHA is a derivative of Sugar Cane and reacts to the amino acids in your skin create the tan. We meticulously hand spray the product on your body. A full Body Spray takes approximately 7 minutes to perform. Expect to be at salon for about 15 to 20 minutes total (dressing and drying time included). You must stay dry 12 hours before washing the temporary bronzer off. Tan looks best on day 2 when it's fully developed.

How long will my Sunless Spray Tan last? Your Spray Tan should last at least 5 days. Results vary. We have heard as little as 5 days to as long as 3 weeks. Excessive sweating, swimming in chlorine, Jacuzzi use, etc. may adversely affect your tan. Moisturize your skin to extend the life of your tan. We offer awesome Tanning Extenders that will help you keep your tan longer!

Will my Spray Tan be streaky or orange? No! As long as you follow our important prep before your Spray Tan, you will definitely not be streaky or orange. Following prep and after care = beautiful tan.

What is OK to wear during my Spray Tan? You are welcome to wear whatever you feel good in. The product will not stain any of your clothing. Some clients go nude, while others wear a swimsuit. For females - the choice is yours. Men must wear boxers or shorts, please.

I am getting married, when should I get sprayed? We recommend getting your Spray Tan 2 days in advance before your special day!

Spray Tan Prep... Scrub a Dub Dub! Exfoliate your skin with a washcloth or loofah. Do not use an oil based solution. Do not apply lotion, deodorant or perfumes before your Spray Tan. Do not use Dove soap. Think clean, dry body!

After Tan Care... Do not shower for 12 hours after your spray. There is a bronzer in the solution - so you will be extra dark until you shower. Final results won't be seen until after you wash product off. Color looks best on day 2.

Moisturize! You have to keep your skin moisturized or the Spray Tan will not fade evenly. We are Mobile...We love bridal parties! Let us turn your entire bridal party into glamorously bronzed vixens! We spray men too! Five or more in your party, bride gets sprayed FREE! Call us for details!


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